Viva Las Vegas

It has been said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so lets pretend we are still there. Wednesday 1st February the La Volta Dance studio was transformed into a Vegas wonderland.

We even had a love chapel for any gunshot weddings the only takers were Astrid & Otto, two of our glorious teachers, who arrived dressed ready for nuptials although it must be whispered that their take on style was rather dubious! Our very own Eugene, dressed as a vicar, presided over their sham wedding. 

Talking of style: Everyone arrived in their own vision of Vegas fashion and some were more, shall we say, stylish than others. In fact Margo & Andri both received our generous prize of chocolates for being the best dressed! No they really deserved the best.

The fun and games were rolling throughout the night. The roulette table determined whether the dancers tangoed back to back or the regular ol way; that is face to face. Our oversized dice determined how many girls would dance with each bloke. We had a false start when the dice stopped on 1 that was nooo good and we had to take the roll again this time it landed on 5 so off they went: five girls to a guy dancing the rumba. Most impressive handling boys! The next roll was 2 so the result was a little more manageable.

The surprise of the night was when the net, holding a horde of balloons was released tumbling with great drama onto the dance floor and a stampede ensued to pop the balloons and retrieve the prize buried deep inside one  of those little bangers! Boy, were they loud!!! Who knew you could have a Dance Bingo but we did oh yeah and Liddy took the prize for getting on that dance floor all night looong and crossing off her whole Dance Bingo card you go girl!

The Viva Las Vegas line dance got everyone onto the dance floor and quite a few Elvis impersonators were spotted strutting their stuff. Ms Yots K sang a couple of tunes whilst people danced to the rhythms of the swinging Vegas favorites. Tom Jones Its not Unusual became rather unusual and Shirley Basseys Diamonds are Forever sparkled.

Otto on the DJ desk was haloed in light and his skills rocking the joint were a spiritual experience. What can we say it was a shakin night and lets leave it at that. Anything else that happened during Vegas Night at La Volta Dance Club were not sayin a word not a single word!