They said it could never be done. They said we were crazy. They said no-one would come. Did we listen? Nah! We built it and they came and they had an awesome time! Our very first Line Dancing Competition the Dallas Derby!

On the 23rd June 2012 La Volta Dance Club transformed itself into the Wild Wild West. We had hay, wagon wheels, bunting, outlaw posters, barrels, even a mini ossewa and much morenot to mention a corrals worth of cowboys and cowgirls! Yahoo!!!

Our guys and gals competed in our regular line dances and even had specially choreographed numbers that they performed with such panache that the spectators were shouting out sporadic yahoos and tequilas at the tops of their voices. Now the MC might have encouraged them with the tequilas but darn it all, them students were doing a mighty fine job.

Our special guests from Superdance Kyalami performed their own sizzlin choreographed line dance to El Tango rrrrr. The man group was especially delightful, dancing to Im too Sexy and winning the Judges Choice Award as were the Three Amigos dancing to Tequila. Elinza and Marisa whirled their way through The Boy Does Nothing with some fabulous moves.  Young Lidel & Franco did an impressive partner line dance to Im a Believer while Wilrico and Ellen got down with Shorty get Loose in fact, they won the Students Choice Award so we all get to learn their line dance, choreographed by Astrid, and it has been added to our regular repertoire of line dances.  Thanks to our judge the lovely Dada, who adjudicated with such style and making our contestants feel at ease.

We ended on a high after much social dancing and a number of parlour games and may I say we saw moves in the musical chairs that were more suitable for the rugby field. There was some confusion as to whether the girl had to sit on the cowboys lap or he on her lap. Well with just a couple of them. Seems girls are rather nimbler. Mind you one cowboy was witnessed picking up his partner and running with her to the first available chair. Now that was impressive!

We all had such a great time and so many people told us how much they want to do it again that weve decidedwhat the haywell make it an annual bash! See yawl at the Dallas Derby next year!